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Getting Your Strategy Understood! The Business Case

Are you getting the effort you are paying for?

International research* confirms that while companies pay their employees, expecting 100% effort in return, on average, they get only 35%! By effort, we mean productivity, motivation,’s a good thing! Would you pay R1 million for a car and drive away from the showroom with only 35% of it? Not? Then read on....

The big question?

What drives effort?
(and productivity and motivation and commitment?)

And what can you do about it?
(Ok, technically speaking that is two questions!)

The Sweet Spot

Relax! It’s not bonuses, increases, incentives or anything with a $ or R preceding it. It’s actually quite simple – but not easy: when employees (and this goes for employees at ALL levels) understand the overlap between the corporate strategy and THEIR interests (the “What’s In It For Me?” or WIIFMe) – effort skyrockets! Energy is released! Passion abounds! Potential is unlocked! Ironically it feels “effortless” – sweet spots always do. It’s simple – but not easy!

The results speak for themselves!

It’s not just warm and fuzzy stuff, there is a well proven** correlation between increased understanding of the corporate strategy; effort and bottom line and EPS growth. It’s common sense really. Surely it repositions getting your strategy understood from a nice-to-have to a bottom line imperative. Can you afford to go without it?

*Towers Watson Global Workforce Study, 2012; Gallup Employee Engagement Study, 2013.
**Gallup Meta- Analyses 1997-2012