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The Journey to Understanding Map


  1. Confusion and Chaos
  2. Strategy Understood!GET DIRECTIONS
  1. Depart HQ/IVORY TOWER and embark on the Route to Understanding, heading in the direction of DISCOVERY.
  2. Upon arrival at DISCOVERY, find out about employees’ burning issues, ideas and points of pain.
  3. Rejoin the Route to Understanding heading towards STRATEGY CONVERSATIONS.
  4. Upon arrival at STRATEGY CONVERSATIONS, have a structured series of conversations about your business, which cover current issues, barriers and opportunities. In addition to the NOW, you also need to articulate a clear, coherent and shared understanding of the FUTURE you want to create and your subsequent resource allocation decisions.
  5. Depart from STRATEGY CONVERSATIONS with a set of coherent action plans.
  6. Rejoin the Route to Understanding heading towards The LINE@WORK.
  7. Upon arrival at The LINE@WORK use your VISUAL STRATEGY MAP to equip and enable your line management to be the most credible ambassadors of your strategy. Line management and their direct reports discussing the strategy in a picture format provides an ideal opportunity to hit the sweet spot (the overlap between employee interests and corporate strategy.)
  8. The LINE@WORK merges onto the KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON highway.
  9. Continue on the KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON highway.
  10. The highway ends with signs indicating that employees get the strategy, feel it and are “doing” it.
  11. STRATEGY UNDERSTOOD, your destination, is on your left.

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