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Strategy Conversations

Best thinking (a shared understanding
of the situation, what underlies it, what
should be done about it) leads to
actions (clear, co-ordinated, measurable),
which in turn leads to best results:
effective delivery!

THINKspiration is designed to
elicit the best thinking (where analytical, fact-based rigour and creative inspiration overlap) among the senior leadership team.

By incorporating skills and tools which deal with listening, attention, and problem identification solutions, THINKspiration workshops are carefully designed to positively impact on the quality of the relationships among the top team as well as the quality of their thinking - in so doing imparting skills and tools that will be an ongoing legacy for the participants.

Workshop material [photos] The THINKspiration workshop methodology is based on Structured Visual Thinking and has been developed in conjunction with THINKspiration’s London based partners (Group Partners) who have applied it globally to businesses as diverse as Hewlett Packard, Disney and Coca Cola. The focus is creating a specific Structure of relevant conversations required to answer the “Exam Question” (the articulation of the problem definition).

Workshop material [photos]
The Visual part comes by way of specific visual stimulus material – both pre prepared as well as an artist, which captures the workshop conversations “live”

Workshop material [photos]
"Thinking" is delivered by means of specific techniques, which are practiced so that the highest quality thinking is elicit from all participants and shared with the group.