THINKspiration [logo] 

Our story so far

Real growth comes from the way we think about our business. New ideas. How we action them. Decisions about how to allocate resources. Some people call this strategy. We call it THINKspiration.

It's where logic, smart thinking and inspiration meet - resulting in those "aha" moments that every company needs to create value, grow and build a sustainable business.

Great thinking is not the province of a privileged few: everyone, regardless of background or educational qualification has the ability to think well - given the right conditions.

Creating those conditions is what THINKspiration is all about!

THINKspiration has been in the making, in various shapes and forms for the better part of the last 15 years.

In whatever iteration, (from Red Arrow Internal Marketing to Harmony to Squiggle) its focus has been to highlight the overlap between business and creativity. At THINKspiration we call this the Sweet Spot - quite simply, it's our reason to exist.

No woman is an island and after 5 years flying solo as Squiggle, Tracey Swanepoel decided to formally join her unofficial ‘thinking partners’ at To The Point in 2012.

This provides the opportunity to build capacity and leverage THINKspiration to existing To The Point clients and vice versa.