Who we are

Bernard Swanepoel


BSc (Min Eng), BCom (Hons)

After 12 years as CEO of Harmony (and gatvol of corporate life) Bernard set out with Clinton Halsey to create To The Point: to fulfil his lifelong dream of operating in a more entrepreneurial way in the junior mining space (and also to be able to walk around his office barefoot!). Bernard still drives the whole world crazy by refusing to have a secretary and firmly believes that ties just tie you down! He is passionate about transforming the mining industry into a place where investors make great returns, employees love working and communities celebrate its presence. Perhaps there’s a market for what he’s smoking!

Contact Bernard:
Cell: +27 83 303 9922
Email: Bernard@2tp.co.za

Tracey Swanepoel


BA Communication (cum laude), Honours (cum laude), MBA

Tracey may have stumbled into mining accidentally (as an internal marketing consultant to Harmony), but she soon fell in love. With mining that is! It’s challenges and its opportunities. She has spent the past 15 years helping companies in mining and related businesses crystallize their strategies in creative ways. This enables all stakeholders to know the strategy, understand the strategy and ultimately deliver the strategy.

While tools may include Strategy Workshops, Visual Strategy Maps, Internal Marketing, and Brand Development, Tracey is passionate about getting businesses to think differently and it's this that ultimately creates value. The same drive and commitment that saw her aspiring to be a professional tennis player (albeit a pint sized one), now finds application in her work. No, she didn’t win Wimbledon, but 'Ms. THINKspiration' still treats every job like it’s the Wimbledon final!

Contact Tracey:
Cell: +27 82 558 8066
Email: Tracey@2tp.co.za

Ferdi Dippenaar


BCom, B.Proc, MBA

Ferdi finally came to his senses – leaving the corporate world a few months ago. Together with Bernard and Tracey, Ferdi was part of the team that created the Harmony brand and its unique story. Fresh from the CEO seat at Great Basin Gold, and well aware of the tough environment that all mining companies face, Ferdi brings hard won wisdom of the realities involved in building and financing mining projects. After more than 20 years of extensive travelling, investor interaction and fund raising, Ferdi’s network in the financial and mining world is unparalleled. Only Hilary Clinton has travelled more and only Bill could possibly rival the famous Ferdi charm!

Contact Ferdi:
Cell: +27 82 807 3684
Email: Ferdi@2tp.co.za

George Cronje’

Financial Analyst

BCom Economics

A Financial Analyst by day and a sports fanatic by night: George describes himself as a family guy, which is, possibly one of the reasons why he joined the To The Point team. A people’s person, and always willing to help where he can, George always gets the job done, and gets it done right! Weekends he is on his bike (yes, another grown man who likes wearing lycra!) and truly believes that he could give Lance Armstrong a run for his money... without the Performance Enhancing Drugs, that is!

Contact George:
Email: George@2tp.co.za

Clinton Halsey


BCom (Wits) BAcc (Wits), CA(SA), H Dip International Tax Law, Member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants

At a very young age Clint was wise (or stupid) enough to choose the thrill of the entrepreneurial space over a promising corporate career. Clint has 11 years of experience in the mining industry, and is a Chartered Accountant by background, but we don't hold that against him! He does his best work spinning his wheels: on a bicycle that is! He pushes his brain to the limit in much the same way as he does his body - and is famous for his incisive analytical insights, contrarian thinking and far out conspiracy theories. On average Bernard and Clint balance each other out to be normal. Almost!

Contact Clinton:
Cell: +27 83 289 5422
Email: Clinton@2tp.co.za

Lauren Wiggill


National Dip Business Computing, Digital Graphics and Animation

After travelling for a year, after matric, Lauren was at first taken in by her studies in Business Computing, Digital Graphics and animation, but only until she discovered her true love: accounting (of all things!). Initially exposed to accounting while working for a big corporate, Lauren realised that it was the accounting she enjoyed and not the corporate environment. She moved to a smaller company and later took the brave step of starting her own bookkeeping company. To The Point was one of her anchor clients: and it soon became a permanent relationship. With 10 years of experience as an accountant, Lauren is known to her colleagues as the doyenne of structured accounting skills.

Contact Lauren:
Email: Lauren@2tp.co.za

Thobekile Ngcobo


BCom Accounting

A songstress at heart and a self-confessed accounting fan by profession, Thobekile tries her best not to mix accounting journals with pop music. Although she sees herself as a ‘typical accountant’ anyone who has heard her rattle off song lyrics without batting an eyelid, would beg to differ. A stickler for context, Thobekile always needs the whole story: isolated facts drive her batty. You won’t see her irritated often though, Thobekile’s beautiful smile covers it all and probably allows her to get away with almost anything!

Contact Thobekile:
Email: Thobekile@2tp.co.za

Wynand van der Merwe

Manager: TTP Foundation

BEng Mechanical

For a person who’s always wanted to be a Vet, one would think that Wynand lost a screw or two when he decided that he wanted to study Mechanical Engineering which landed him in the big bad world of mining. After 3 years in the mining sector he realised that his true passion lies not only in photography but also in making a difference in peoples’ lives. His love for God and travelling enabled him to become a Missionary for a year. On his return, Wynand took up the challenge of managing the TTP Foundation which enables him to make a difference: both to mining and to people. A jack of all trades, Wynand is always willing to lend a helping hand and is excellent at whatever he commits himself to.

Contact Wynand:
Email: Wynand@2tp.co.za